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23 Sep, 2014
Founder‘s Profile
Uncle Rajasingh

"Follow me, I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19)


It was the year 1978 when God called me to full time ministry through this verse. At that time I was working in a higher secondary school as a science teacher.

During this period some missionaries from Scripture Union visited my school and I was very much impressed by the way they shared the love of God to the non-Christian students. Later I realized it was the divine will of God that I should work in a school and through which I should join the scripture union.


When I shared God's call to ministry to my wife, she immediately encouraged me to head towards God's call. I resigned my job as a teacher and became a students' missionary.

Just 4½ years after my resignation, my wife wanted to resign her government job as a teacher in order to join in my ministry. I was little hesitant in the beginning. But God revealed distinctly that it was his will that we should together serve in His vineyard. So my wife too joined in the ministry resigning her job.

Personal E-Mail: rajasingh@shalomfamilymission.org

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